Tribal Visions of the Church Way

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Part I. The Trouble with History

Discovery, Conquest, Assimilation; Christianity in U.S. History; The Canaanite Problem; Engaging Students with Native American Community Resources; Telling the Mvskoke Story; Natural Metaphors and the Written Word; Inscribing the Wound World

Part II. Native Christianities

Native Americans, Theology, and Liberation; The Bitter Medicine of Religious Change; Black Religious History in Cross-Cultural Perspective; Black Theology and American Indian Theology; Native Christian Narrative Discourse; It Comes Out in Song

Part III. Deloria’s Critique

A Critical Appraisal of Liberation Theology; Liberation and the [Indigenous] Poor; The Hobbies of the Affluent Class; A Strange Kind of Dark Ages; An American Critique of Religion; All This Religious Squabbling

Part IV. Our Ecumenical Future

Ecumenism in Action; Native Americans and the Church; Contemporary Native Religious Identity; Native People and Interreligious Dialogue in North America; On Laughing and Praying; Intertribal Traditionalism and the Religious Roots of Red Power; Leaving My Notebook